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Busbar trunking
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Busway (referred to as busway) is a metal plate (steel or aluminum plate) for the protection of the shell, conductive row, insulation materials and related accessories of the bus system. It can be made at every distance with a plug-in sub-box plug-in closed Busbar, can also be made in the middle without a sub-box feeder-type closed busbar.

In the high-rise building system, power and lighting lines are often set separately, busway as the main trunk line in the electrical shaft in the vertical installation of a trip or several times along the wall. Busway implementation of the national standards for: gb7251.2-1997 "low-voltage switchgear and Control equipment • 2nd: Special requirements for Busbar trunking systems (the standard is equivalent to the use of iec60439-2 standard). The industry standard of implementation is: jb8511-1996 "air insulated Busbar Trunk system" (Air insulated busway), jb/t9662-1999 "dense insulated busbar trunk system" (dense insulated busway), these two standards are based on the state of electrical products safety performance requirements,

On the basis of national standards, the article adds the content and requirements of specific clauses, which provides the guarantee basis for the safety and reliability of Busbar products. Busbar trunking System (Busway) has been included in the international standard of IEC, the world's advanced countries have the corresponding standards, such as: The United States UL standards, Canada CSA Standard, the British BS Standard, Japan JIS Standard, these standards for the specification of Busway product design and testing basis are playing an important role.