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How to select Busbar
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Busbar is a kind of commonly used materials, in many industries have been widely used, it may be that the specific use of it is not how to understand. When you really understand its application, in the purchase, will be more assured that the purchase. The use of busway in the plant, its advantages for the layout is beautiful, the distribution of the balance of power load requirements are not high, so the load is not balanced situation adaptability.

Busbar and plug-in box installation is very convenient, very reliable use. But people for busway machining requirements of high precision requirements, it also requires a very strong interchangeability and easy disassembly features. and Busbar in use, play a key role is the connection head, if the processing accuracy of the joint is not high, then, the use of busway will cause corresponding impact.

General Building professional will be the bus design installation space (shaft), from the distribution cabinet directly connected to the bus, each floor is set up one or more plug-in switch box, and then by the plug-in switch box to each electrical equipment and circuit to the cable, wire way to send power. The connection head is required to be disassembled frequently, so it must be able to meet the requirements for easy loading and dismounting. If the resistance of the joint is too large, it will affect the use of busway. When the bus bar in the use of the failure, the connection head to be able to automatically eliminate the thermal stress damage, so that the bus can achieve normal operation.

Of course, whether in the processing of busbar or cable slides, sliding line, drag chain these mechanical products, or in the processing of connectors, they are required to high precision, so as to extend their service life.

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