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Product Features of Busbar
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Performance aspects Busbar uses copper row or aluminum row, its current density is big, the resistance is small, the skin effect is small, does not need to reduce the capacity to use. A small voltage drop also means less energy loss, ultimately saving the user's investment. And for cable, because the cable core is a multi-strand thin copper wire, its root area is larger than the same current level of busbar. and its "skin effect" serious, reduce the current rating, increase the voltage drop, easy to heat.

The energy loss of the line is large and easy to age.

Security Busbar Metal enclosure can protect the bus bar from mechanical damage or animal damage, in the distribution system using the insertion unit installation is safe, the shell can be used as a whole grounding, grounding is very reliable, and the PVC shell of the cable is susceptible to mechanical and animal damage, the installation of cable must first cut off the power, if there are errors occur will be very dangerous,

In particular, the cable to conduct field grounding work, the unreliable grounding leads to increased risk.

Installation aspects The Busbar is made up of many segments, each of which is short and light in length. As a result, only a few people will be able to complete the installation quickly. Busbar has many standard parts and inventory, can be quickly shipped to save on-site work time. Its tight "sandwich" structure reduces electrical space and frees up more space for commercial use, such as renting or as a public place. It is a difficult task to install the cable. Because, a single cable is often heavy, installation work requires a lot of people's collaboration, spend more time to complete. In addition, the bending radius of the cable is subject to more installation space.