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Several important requirements for dense busbar trunking
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Insulation Materials: Insulation materials should be well-known manufacturers at home and abroad to produce products, require the use of B-level insulation (130 ℃) of the polyester film package; third-party inspection reports of insulating materials shall be provided;

Busbar withstand voltage: Closed Busbar can withstand 1min (3000v50hz) AC, without breakdown and flashover phenomenon (provide test report). Connector design: Bus connection head requirements for a separate movable type, easy to install and remove the bus connection head bolts should have automatic torque control function,

The rated crimp torque should not be less than 70n.m to ensure that the joint has good contact: After the pressure relay moment to reach the specified value, should have the eye-catching instructions, convenient inspection; the connecting head should be designed advanced, can be maintenance-free in the future, the Busbar of the protection class IP54 and above, the joint should adopt the full-closed structure, the joint

Connector Contact: The connector should be double-sided technology, the total cross-sectional area of the conductor should be increased by more than 30%, in order to enhance the location of the capacity of the current carrying;

Plug-in interface design: Busbar socket interface at the conductor should be silver-plated, to ensure that the connection with the plug box Low impedance, (do not accept expansion of the busbar) resulting in higher temperature rise Plug-in box chain protection: All Busbar plug-in boxes should be equipped with internal safety chain: In the case of power, to prevent the plug box door is opened, the plug-in box is not reliable fixed on the bus, the plug-in box can not be switched.