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Development Course Of Busbar
- Sep 11, 2018 -

With the emergence of modern engineering facilities and equipment, the power consumption in all walks of life, especially the emergence of many high-rise buildings and large-scale workshop, as the traditional cable transmission lines in the large current delivery system can not meet the requirements of the parallel use of multiple cables to the field installation of construction connections brought many inconvenience. As a new type of distribution conductor, the plug-in Busbar has been used in the high current transmission, and it has realized its superiority in the large-power conveying, at the same time, because of the new technology and technology, the contact resistance and temperature rise at both ends of the Busbar and at the junction of the sub-port are greatly reduced, and high-quality insulating materials are

, which improves the safety and reliability of Busbar, and makes the whole system more perfect. Busway is a system consisting of a metal plate (steel plate or aluminum plate) for protecting the casing, conductive row, insulating material and related accessories. It can be made into a standard length section, and every distance with a plug-in sub-box, can also be made into the middle without a sub-box feeder-type closed busbar.

It is very convenient for the power supply and the installation and maintenance. According to the development of the insulation mode Busway has experienced the air-type plug busbar, dense insulated plug busbar and high-strength composite insulation plug Busbar three-generation products. Busway can be l+n+pe, L1+l2+l3, L1+l2+l3+n, L1+l2+l3+n+pe system to set the power supply conductor and protective conductor, to meet the needs of power load.

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