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New Trend Of Mobile Internet Marketing In Electrical And Electronic Industry
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Electrical and electronic industry mobile internet marketing will be further deepened on the basis of the 2014, gradually become a regular marketing channel, like the whole marketing pattern in 2014, "no digital, not marketing", mobile marketing will usher in new opportunities for development, the future "no mobile, not marketing."

In the future, the electrical and electronic industry mobile internet marketing will usher in new development opportunities, like some new trends worthy of concern: 4G launched to accelerate mobile internet marketing. China Mobile at the Global developer Conference said that by the year 2014, 100 cities nationwide have 4G commercial conditions, by the end of 2014, more than 340 cities consumers can use China Mobile 4G services, according to China Mobile Planning, 2014, the end of the total number of base stations more than 500,000. 4G will usher in the transformation of the entire mobile Internet, 4G to users to bring a better consumer experience, will effectively inspire user demand, change users in the mobile Internet usage habits, anytime, anywhere download apps, use mobile phone to watch video, play online games, mobile shopping and other high-traffic consumption behavior of the threshold is declining. Some new 4G-based advertising forms and technologies will become the next wave of mobile internet marketing point.

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