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Operation And Maintenance Of Transformer Bushing
- Sep 11, 2018 -

The casing shall be used in accordance with the specifications of its model, and note the following matters.

(1) Ensure that the casing seal is the key to achieve durable life. The installation and maintenance of the user in the sealing structure of the position should be carefully restored to the original sealing state.

(2) Oil level control and adjustment. The operation of the casing can be regularly observed changes in the oil level, too high or too low to be adjusted. When the oil level is too high, the oil can be taken from the oil stopper at the flange: when the oil level is too low, the oil inlet of the storage tank should be added to the same grade and the qualified transformer oil as the nameplate mark. For the past years of preventive testing in the oil-normal products, can properly extend the cycle of preventive testing, to reduce the oil intake.

In case of doubt should contact the manufacturer, this casing is strictly prohibited to disassemble itself. The correct oil extraction steps are: To remove the contamination of the flange oil plug, open the oil plug, with a special nozzle, along the center of the oil plug screw slowly into the hole, against the inside of the plug and tighten, tighten the sealing ring of the nozzle, then the transformer oil in the casing is flowing along the inner hole of the nozzle;

Note: When spinning the nozzle, do not loose the oil plug, if found loose, should be in time with the 19mm socket wrench to tighten the oil plug.

(3) The measuring terminal must be grounded reliably. The casing mounting flange is provided with a measuring terminal to measure the casing dielectric loss and put, unscrew the terminal cover, the junction column and the flange insulation. After measurement, the terminal cover must be covered to ensure reliable grounding. The operation is strictly forbidden to open.

(4) On-site measurement of the dielectric loss value of 10kV may be due to the measurement instrument, the location of the product and measurement environment, and the impact of the factory test data inconsistent. It is recommended that the data measured by the HV Bridge Test plant be tested and the data measured under high voltage should prevail.