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Transformer Bushing Overview
- Sep 11, 2018 -

With the development of China's electric power industry, the power supply is increasing every year, and the power transformer gradually develops to high voltage and large capacity.

At the same time, due to the improvement of manufacturing technology, the insulation distance of transformer products gradually reduced, so that as a transformer supporting the capacitor casing, the appearance of its size has a more stringent requirements. In order to meet the market demand, catching up with the advanced level at home and abroad, our company has also made a modified design of existing products.

After the modified product, in the guarantee product performance, maintain the assembly size and the length of the immersion oil, and has the appearance of beautiful, small size, light weight and so on. Structure: The casing uses the oil-paper capacitor core of the main insulation, cable-carrying mode and the use of a group of pressure spring produced by the axial compression force to the casing to achieve the overall connection and primary seal. 252KV casing in the porcelain and connecting the casing is also attached to the attachment of the heart card structure to enhance the location of the connection seal strength, casing oil pillow, connecting sleeve are selected casting aluminum alloy, in order to reduce hysteresis and eddy current loss, reduce heat and temperature rise.

The connecting sleeve is provided with a tap device for measuring tan and C and a drain valve for extracting the oil sample from the casing, and a gas plug for releasing the air on the top of the transformer tank. The outer insulation of the casing is changed to the conical porcelain parts, and the thickness of the umbrella becomes thinner, making the product appearance beautiful. The umbrella is still available in size umbrellas to meet a variety of contamination and insulation levels and insulation level requirements.