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Treatment Of Leakage Oil Defect Of Transformer Casing
- Sep 11, 2018 -

There are many reasons for the leakage of the transformer, which is related to the sealing structure, processing technology, environmental temperature, temperature difference, installation quality and mechanical vibration and other external factors. Transformer leakage not only affects the appearance of the transformer, but also transforms the transformer from the sealing state to the non-sealed state, which affects the safe and stable operation of the transformer.

In this paper, the analysis and treatment of the leakage oil of the main transformer of 3# in a substation is used as an example to provide reference for similar defects in the future. Through the operation and maintenance personnel know that the casing oil level has been high phenomenon (because the casing tilt angle will cause the casing oil level indication is high), and in the long-term inspection process, the casing oil level is basically stable, regular infrared temperature measurement are good.

3# main transformer The last routine overhaul was in March 2016, the routine test data of the transformer body and casing were normal. Inspection personnel on-site view, the three KV B-phase casing oil level pointer full lattice, up to the limit position, casing oil pillow cover plate seal has the infiltration of oil. Preliminary analysis is due to poor factory manufacturing process, casing head and main transformer body seal is bad, there is internal leakage situation, because the main body storage tank towering (oil storage cabinet is higher than the kv casing head), the primary transformer body oils gradually pressed into the casing oil pillow, resulting in a slow increase in casing oil level. At the same time, due to the aging of the casing head gasket, in the main transformer load change and temperature change process, the casing oil pillow internal pressure increased, oil in the pillow leakage. According to the casing structure, it is suspected that the O-ring between the casing oil pillow cover plate and the hollow pipe wall of the lead is poor performance, and slowly loses the sealing performance, resulting in the casing oil pillow and the main transformer body unicom.