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What Is Transformer Bushing
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Transformer Bushing is the main insulation device outside the transformer box, the transformer winding lead and outlet must pass through the insulating casing, so that the wire between and between the wire and the transformer casing insulation, at the same time the role of fixed lead.

Because of the different voltage level, the insulating casing has the form of pure porcelain casing, oil-filled casing and capacitor casing. Pure porcelain casing For more than 10kV and the following Transformers, it is in the porcelain casing wear a conductive copper rod, the porcelain sleeve for air insulation. Oil-filled casing is used in 35kV transformer, it is in the porcelain casing filled with oil, in the porcelain casing wearing a conductive copper rod, copper rod outsourcing insulation paper. Capacitive casing by the main insulating capacitor core, external insulation up and down porcelain, connection sleeve, oil pillow, spring assembly, base, all pressure ball, measurement terminals, terminal blocks, rubber washers, insulating oil and other components. It is used on high voltage transformers above 100kV.